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We are a local company focused on crafting old industrial buildings into superior reclaimed wood, flooring, timbers, and accents for your home or business.

Our team has been turning old buildings into beautiful reclaimed architectural and home goods for nearly forty years. Our Chief Wood Officer, Harold Faust, is a second generation sawyer utilizing nearly four decades years of family experience in the reclaimed wood industry.

After years of being in business with his father, Harold set out to combine his experience in the industry with his unique eye for industrial interior design and decor.

River City Reclaimed specializes in high-quality and custom reclaimed wooden flooring, tables, accents, timber, barn wood, and raw lumber.

We go to great lengths to hand select the most beautiful and unique wood and other materials from old industrial buildings, barns, and other old structures before we turn them into one-of-a-kind accents for your home, restaurant, business, or office building.


Reclaiming With Purpose

Reclaiming is more than just a fad here at River City Reclaimed. For generations, the Faust family has been in the business of recycling history into new and exciting interior decorative designs. That recycling not only brings forth the story of a time long ago, but also helps protect the story of our shared future.

We strive to make a difference in the world around us. You can rest assured that when you buy from River City Reclaimed, you are making an impact on reducing waste in landfills and burn piles that damage our planet and pollute the environment. Further, every piece of wood and timber that we rescue from an old barn, mill, factory, warehouse, or other building helps protect living trees from being harvested from our forests.

Harold Faust, IV